Community Groups

Transformation best happens in circles rather than rows.

Community Groups

Transformation best happens in circles rather than rows.

Community Groups

Meeting in circles, discussing scripture, has been part of the Christian tradition since its genesis. Every book and letter in the Bible was originally meant to be read out loud in community. No passages of scripture were written to be read privately. The Bible was written for communities of believers to discuss, interpret, and propose ways to apply to life.

One of the three pillars at NCC is small group Bible studies, which we refer to as Community Groups. Community Groups give you an opportunity to discuss the Bible alongside other believers who are seeking to honor God with their lives. On Sunday afternoons, Pastor Jimmy emails the congregation a list of questions that help us explore the passage of scripture from the morning’s message. The intent of the questions is to dig deeper into the text and discuss how one might live out the words of the text.

Community Groups are offered every fall and spring, throughout the week, with one group meeting throughout the year at the home of Pastor Jimmy and Beth Ellison. All of our Community Groups are open and you can join one at any time.

We believe that it is very difficult for one to grow in the likeness of Jesus without participating in a Community Group. It is true; transformation best happens in circles rather than rows.

To learn more about our Community Groups and a schedule email Pastor Randy DeGroot at

Randy DeGroot – Associate Pastor

About Randy:

Randy has been married to his wife Karin for 40 years, and they have three grown children. Randy is an Elder in the Free Methodist Church. He has two degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri and a Master of Divinity from Gammon Theological Seminary. Studying and sharing God’s Word is one of his passions. He is active in international missions, having participated in numerous trips to Guatemala, Cuba, and Brazil. He is also active in the Atlanta South Walk To Emmaus community. He enjoys fishing and most outdoor activities.


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